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Recess Enhancement

At Assist, each recess features two skilled coaches organizing safe, enjoyable, and inclusive activities for at least 20 students. Our diverse activities, like kickball and “red light, green light,” (33 total activities) ensure fun for everyone. Each session starts with a huddle discussing the day’s curriculum, including a Social-Emotional Learning lesson tailored to the grade. Post-lesson, students engage in the chosen activity, learning the rules and playing with safety, respect, and responsibility. Recess concludes with a recap of the day’s focus, recognition of student achievements, a take-home mission, and distribution of Assist Wristbands to outstanding participants.

At Assist, character education is integrated into every recess through our curriculum, blending Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) and Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) within engaging games and sports. Each session introduces a Word of the Day, linked to one of five SEL categories, with age-appropriate definitions and questions. Students also receive a take-home mission to extend learning beyond recess. Coaches actively seek moments during activities to pause and spotlight students who exemplify the Word of the Day or demonstrate leadership qualities.

At Assist, we prioritize student safety through clear communication, active supervision, and positive reinforcement during recess activities.

Here’s how:

  • Rule Review: Before each game, coaches thoroughly review rules and expectations, ensuring students understand them.
  • Positive Encouragement and Pauses: Coaches use affirmative language to promote rule adherence and sportsmanship. Activities are paused briefly, typically three times, for 30 seconds to a minute. These pauses highlight exemplary behavior, remind students of rules, and reset the game’s energy for continued safety.

Active Supervision – Move, Scan, Interact:

  • Move: Coaches remain in constant motion, covering different areas for swift response and comprehensive environment oversight.
  • Scan: Regular and systematic scanning of the area helps identify potential hazards, rule violations, or students needing extra support.
  • Interact: Coaches proactively engage with students, offering positive reinforcement, game guidance, and addressing issues. This builds rapport and inclusivity, contributing to a positive, safe environment.

Assist coaches are equipped with a diverse array of activities, tailored to accommodate different ages and skill levels, celebrating each student’s unique strengths. Here’s our approach to inclusive and enjoyable participation for all students:

  • Skill Variation: Coaches are adept at identifying varying skill levels within a group. They modify activity rules or offer skill-building exercises to ensure every student feels both challenged and competent.
  • Inclusive Modifications: We adapt games to include students with diverse abilities. This might mean rule changes, altered playing areas, or using supportive equipment, all aimed at ensuring comfortable engagement for everyone.
  • Individualized Challenges: Acknowledging each student’s unique abilities and preferences, coaches provide personalized challenges. This approach allows every participant to experience success and growth, tailored to their individual strengths.
  • Rotation of Activities: Our curriculum cycles through a variety of activities, from sports drills to recess games. This diversity allows students to engage in activities that resonate with their interests and abilities, ensuring a broad, inclusive experience.

After School Enrichment

While both operate following the regular school day, the After School Enrichment program is designed to supplement the other available options on campus. For example, some students might join a Math Club hosted by another organization, while students on our roster are excited for another day of Assist Fitness and Nutrition (FAN) Club or Intramural Sports.

In the Expanded Learning Program, Assist services all aspects of after-school, from snack and meal times, to sports-based play, STEM activities, arts and crafts, and safe and secure pick up/check out.

Our 2023/24 Fitness and Nutrition curriculum is built on the California Department of Education’s Health Education Content Standards for California Public Schools, Kindergarten Through Grade Twelve.​

Aligning with standards for grades K-2 and 3-6, our lessons are age-appropriate and include relatable topics and examples. It is also wide-ranging, from nutrition, exercise and sleep, to positive relationships, understanding differing dietary choices or requirements, and examining media health claims.

We do! Sports-based activities are the foundation for our After School Enrichment program, but within that we embed social-emotional learning (SEL) and positive behavioral interventions and supports (PBIS). This means teaching and praising exemplary character traits, modeling conflict resolution, and meeting all children where they are at in terms of improvement.

Reflective questions are asked at the beginning and end of each play period, such as “how have you helped someone this week?” Along with take home missions (no additional resources needed!) to keep the learning going off the playground, students will learn about themselves in a deep way over the course of the program.

If Assist is not yet available at your student’s school, send our website to the front office! We’re happy to meet with them to discuss options and bring our best-in-class programs to your students!

If Assist is available at your student’s school and you’d like to register, simply call the front office to sign them up. If you have any additional questions, give us a ring at 916-692-5239 and we’d be happy to help!

Expanded Learning Primary Provider Program

Assist Expanded Learning is a program dedicated to enhancing education beyond the classroom. We prioritize reinforcing academic themes, providing dedicated homework support, and offering specialized sessions in EL support, math, reading, and science. Our collaboration with districts ensures alignment with core curriculum and state standards.

Beyond academics, we focus on broadening horizons by offering diverse opportunities like sports, STEAM projects, and character development activities. These enrichments empower students with tools to tackle academic challenges and navigate personal situations. Our approach strikes a balance between reinforcing traditional education and introducing unique, engaging, and valuable opportunities for student growth.

We are proud to accept all students in grades TK through 6th grade in our program with participating school districts and school sites.

Enrolling with Assist Expanded Learning is a breeze! Each school site has scannable QR codes available in the office and with the Assist Expanded Learning sign-out station. Simply scan the QR code and complete the online enrollment interest form! You may also email elop@assistprograms.org for a link to the enrollment interest form.

The program will be available directly after school from the final dismissal bell through 5:30 PM (6:00 PM at ASES sites). The program only operates on days when the school itself operates. We begin right at the end of the school day, including minimum days and early out days.

The program is available for the duration of the school year.

Our programs are carefully designed to cover a broad spectrum of curricula and activities, each of which is tailored to promote and support various facets of a student’s development:

  • Student Health and Fitness: We emphasize the importance of physical health and well-being through exciting activities and exercise. We believe that active and healthy students are better equipped to thrive both academically and socially.
  • Social-Emotional Learning: Our curriculum includes elements of social-emotional learning to help students develop essential life skills. Through interactive experiences, students learn how to navigate their emotions, communicate effectively, and build positive relationships.
  • Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) Strategies: We incorporate PBIS strategies into our lessons to create a positive and inclusive atmosphere. By reinforcing positive behaviors, we help students develop strong character and make the right choices.
  • Age- and Grade-Level Appropriate Academics: We provide age- and grade-level appropriate academic challenges that complement the school’s curriculum. These academic activities are designed to stimulate curiosity, critical thinking, and a passion for learning.

Our commitment is not only to deliver this diverse and enriching curriculum but to do so in a way that sparks excitement and engagement. We firmly believe that students learn best when they’re having fun, and our play and activity-based lessons ensure that the learning process is enjoyable and memorable.

Assist has a proven track record in efficiently recruiting, training, deploying and retaining a large number of qualified personnel. Our hiring process prioritizes candidates actively pursuing a future in education, relevant experience in similar roles, and necessary certifications to start work. New staff undergo comprehensive training focused on the unique needs of K-6 educational environments, program best practices and PBIS measures, ensuring they are equipped to deliver high-quality and safe learning experiences.

At Assist, ensuring the physical and emotional safety of every student in our program is our top priority. We maintain vigilant supervision with student-to-staff ratios of 20:1 for grades 1-8 and 10:1 for TK-K. Attendance is monitored, especially during transitions, with staff accounting for each child by name and face, not merely by number.

Through our partnerships with the schools we provide services to, we utilize many of the facilities students are familiar with during the school day: classrooms, the multipurpose room, libraries, and outdoor common areas.

All materials required to successfully participate in the Expanded Learning program will be provided by Assist and the hosting school site.

Child care costs are typically the second largest household expense after housing. We proudly offer our Expanded Learning program at no-cost to families!

We communicate regularly via Talking Points, email, and through our monthly digital newsletter. This website is also a great place to keep an eye on for updates.

Each Expanded Learning site has a designated Site Coordinator who can assist you with any questions you may have.

Assist has signage at each school site with the site-specific Assist phone number, along with the elop@assistprograms.org email for general support. Please be sure to include your student’s full name and their school along with your email message so we can provide timely support.

For urgent support, you may give our Main Office a call at 916-692-5239.

The program will be available directly after school from the final dismissal bell through 5:30 PM (6:00 PM at ASES sites). The program only operates on days when the school itself operates. We begin right at the end of the school day, including minimum days and early out days. 

Attendance is not mandatory at non-ASES sites, but it greatly helps our program when students attend regularly. ASES sites require mandatory daily attendance. If your child does not attend for a period of 2 weeks, they will be placed back on the waitlist.

If you have questions regarding enrollment status or program withdrawal,  Please be sure to include your student’s full name and their school along with your email message so we can provide timely support.

We are proud partners of Sacramento County, SMUD Education, Child Action, Inc., NBA Kings MathHoops, ChessUp, Elk Grove Unified School District, Lake Elsinore School District, and more.

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