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Recess Enhancement

Our full service recess program brings qualified, trained, and cleared ASSIST staff to your campus. Our proprietary curriculum blends physical fitness, SEL, PBIS, character education and most importantly builds a safe, inclusive environment for all student to participate and learn

After School enrichment, Extended/expanded learning provider

As a 501c3 non profit, ASSIST provides before & after school services to district partners. ASSIST also provides enrichment to ASES partners that need supplemental programs on their campus

PE Fitness And Nutrition (FAN)

Our PE programming for during the day and after school setting supplies students with Fitness and Nutrition topics and education for active lifestyles and healthy habits

Daycare Services

Our daycare center provides infant, toddler, preschool age, school age care as well as an After School Program for students. Our 12,000 sqft buildings has a license to support over 150 students daily.

Family Engagement Fundraiser & Products

Need assistance getting engagement from parents and community members? Bring in our interactive Family enegament night with our fitness fundraiser and our gamified PE workout decks for families!

Solutions for your school site

From staffing, products, and curriculum, ASSIST has you covered!

For the last decade, our offerings have supported over 100 school sites and hundreds of thousands of youth throughout California. We pride ourselves in being coachable, reliable, and most importantly a sustainable program. We are here to earn your business.

Why is structured recess important?

A structured recess can have many benefits, these includes:

  • Skill building
  • Inclusion
  • Conflict resolution
  • Social emotional learning
  • PBIS topics

  • Importance of SEL, PBIS post pandemic

    Students are now back in the environment that existed prepandemic but lost the interpersonal skills, inclusive conversations, and most importantly social skills to interact with peers. Guiding students through unstructured times like recess build confidence and returns

    ELOP/ESSER Funding? ASSIST to your service!

    With all the new funding to your school through local, state & federal dollars, use ASSIST services for Recess Enhancement, After school services & enrichment, or our Family Engagement Fundraiser/Product lines

    Why us?

    ASSIST serves as a full solution staffing & enrichment program for school sites. We provide vital services to our student's on campus while giving future educators the necessary skills to be in the education sector.

    Need ASSISTance getting us on campus?

    If you are interested in ASSIST programs, need a quote, or have general questions please feel free to contact us

    Our coaches are:

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    Set up inclusive games & activities

    Active supervision during recess

    Proactive conflict resolution skills

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    Providing Students with a Safe, Fun, and Inclusive Environment While Building Career Experience For Those Pursuing a Future in Education


    Shaping Our Communities Future Teachers By Developing Innovative and Impactful Programs that Benefit all students

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