Denis Delic


Denis oversees and supports all programmatic functions within Assist Programs, working closely with his teammates to continuously improve the services we provide to our students, school sites, and families. With a steadfast commitment to offering safe, engaging, and inclusive programs throughout California, he takes pride in ensuring Assist stands true to its trademark: “An Educator’s Best First Job.”

Denis’s journey with Assist began 8 years ago after high school. This formative experience taught him invaluable lessons that he passionately shares across the company. He believes in the ripple effect; understanding that the impact of the program isn’t confined to the students he personally interacts with, but extends through the expansive reach facilitated by our dedicated staff.

Off-duty, Denis resides in Sacramento, CA alongside his partner Anh and their two cherished cats, Chicken and Bunny. His continuous personal pursuit of knowledge finds him enthralled with golf, chess, culinary experiments, and the latest in technology.