Karen Mitchell

Vice Principal - Feickert ES

This year was wonderful. All of the coaches who came to do Recess Assist were hard working. Because relationships are so important, I especially like having a Recess Assist coach who also works in our after school program.

Liz Lewis

Vice Principal - John Reith ES

I love the word of the day. The FAN Club time is also a huge support our school really appreciates. The ASSIST staff in general are polite, kind, strong leaders and respectful of the school culture.

Chade Rede

Vice Principal - Kennedy ES

I appreciate the frequent check ins from supervisors; having consistent coaches is important to building relationships with students and staff; having structured activities is important, some coaches are better than others about this; coaches respond well to feedback; overall the coaches have been professional and represent the Assist well.

Nicol Malone

Lake Elsinore Unified School District

I would like to share that I hear so many great things about Assist from my site supervisors! I am especially proud of the relationship Assist has at Machado Elementary. The teamwork and mutual respect at that school helped to model what we expect from our partners. Your Assist employees do such a great job of sharing praises and difficulties daily and working closely with Cat to provide an outstanding experience for our students.

Tami JBeily

Coordinator Federal/State Programs

“Assist is forward-thinking and up to date on educational trends and initiatives. Their coaches are highly trained individuals who understand their complex role and the significants sports plays in social and emotional development.”

John Mifsud

Vice Principal

“With the help of our Assist coaches, we saw suspensions drop by over 50%. Our hardest to reach kids were engaged playing sports with coaches that they actually wanted to play with!”